One of the things we like about videos is that you can use them in all sorts of different ways. You can embed them in elearning, show them as part of face-to-face training or just put them on an intranet or LMS.

Another thing you can do is send a link to them out in an email.

The email could include a simple link like this one. If you select it, you’ll see our promo video. It’s set to auto play which means it will start when the page loads. Normally, we’d would let the user start the video themselves, but as they’ve selected to watch it anyway, in this situation, that would just create an extra click.

Another way, which is a little more attractive, is to add an image and then paste the link onto the image. Very often people will use the thumbnail image as it has the Play button on it.

email example

Once you’ve inserted the image into the email, right click on it and choose hyperlink.

Paste the link where it says address. I also select New window as the Target Frame – i.e. it should open in a new window.

adding address

And that’s all there is to it. Our video lasts for about 5 minutes so it’s easy to fit into the day.

You could choose other connected titles to send throughout the week as part of an information security campaign. For example:

The links above go our YouTube versions alternatively,  you can watch all these videos on our showreel page.

Give it a go

If you want to try it out, set your email format to HTML – you can’t add pictures to Plain Text emails.

outlook as html

Here’s a thumbnail you can use (right click and choose Save Image As or similar).


Here’s the link to paste on

You can find codes, downloads and instructions to try out our videos here.