What You Need To Know

About What You Need To Know

We make short videos which are used as resources for elearning and face-to-face training. We write about what we do, why we do it our way and sometimes have a bit of a rant.

Think before you click

We often see television ad campaigns to deter people from drink driving or smoking. Some of them are really powerful and designed to shock, and sometimes scare. If we look at these as learning interventions, then for me, what they often do is to try and change people’s attitudes by making them more aware of the […]

Learning materials or Information

It’s sometimes difficult to know whether you’re producing a piece of (e)learning or whether you’re disseminating information. Is it important? Well, it could be.

When we were making our Information Security for Mobile Devices video we started from the point that many of us had moved from mobiles to smartphones without really thinking too much about […]

I’ll do the math(s)

When people think about using video for elearning, they often say that it’s expensive to produce. It used to be, but I don’t think it need be anymore, but there’s something else that needs to be put into the equation and that’s the time the users spend doing the learning. Look at this example.

Let’s say […]

What on earth have microwaves ‘popty ping’ got to do with elearning?

Microwave ovens are great! Well, they’re great for some things, heating food up, defrosting, porridge, scrambled eggs and so on. But they’re not so good when it comes to Sunday roasts or baking bread. Some ovens use a combination of heating systems to make them more suitable for different types of cooking. Some people love […]