Groups and Teams for administrators

This option enables you to give users access to groups of our explainer videos (or all of them). There are three ways you can add (enrol) users:

  • Adding users individually
  • Sending users a URL which they can use to sign up
  • Uploading a CSV file of the users you want to have access

We’ll demonstrate at each of these below or you can download the manual.

This video shows you how to sign up as an administrator and get started.

Adding users manually

You can add users (sub-accounts) manually, then let them know that they’ve been signed up. They can then set their own password and access the videos.

Using a Sign Up URL

You send the users a URL which they use to self-register and gain access to the training videos.

Watch the video below, or use this URL to try it out.

Uploading a list of users using a CSV file

You create a CSV file with usernames, email addresses and names already added. The users set up their own password to gain access to the videos.

You can download a sample CSV file here.

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