Enabling your embedded videos to play on your site

In effect, we give permission for our videos to play from your website, learning management system or intranet. To do this, we need to know what the domain name of your site is. It’s always a good idea to test this first. Send us your domain name name, and we’ll allow our videos to play and we’ll send you an embed code to test that everything’s working as it should be.

Watch this video to see how this works.

Add your domain here

Most domains are made up of three main parts:


It’s the domain name that we need to test. Put the domain name in the box below and hit Submit.

Embedding a video on a web page (WordPress)

There are lots of different ways to create web pages, but they all use some sort of HTML text editor. This examples shows how you copy and paste an embed code into a web page. The example we use is with WordPress, but the process is