What to look for in training videos
There are lots of training videos on the market. This post will take you through what to look for.

Explainer videos
Videos are popular for explaining things – both in training and in marketing. Find out what you need to know about them before you implement them in your training programme.

I’ll do the math(s)
Sometimes videos are seen as an expensive option. But are they really?

Less is more
And sometimes, more is…

Process is priceless
Creating videos and elearning can be time consuming. Using an effective process means that you free up time for all the good stuff.

Relevant elearning
What makes learning relevant? We know what people say, but is that true?

One reason why compliance training can be (is) boring
You often hear that compliance training is boring. If you know why something happens, maybe you can do something about it.

People buy benefits
A lesson from marketing. People don’t buy features, they buy benefits. How does this relate to learning?

Should elearning be like going to the dentist?
What would you rather, a fun time at the dentist’s or one that does a good job?

Tell me a story
Story telling is a great way to get some key points across.

User engagement (an old story)
Much talked about, often misunderstood. This is an old story about an old technique, which is as true today as it was then,

What on earth have microwaves got to do with elearning?
What can we take from people’s attitudes to microwaves and apply to elearning.

Adaptive Streaming
Video streaming has come on a long way. It’s far more effective than you may think.

Little and often learning
Often the best way to do things is in small regular steps.

Go Ahead – Embed
How to embed a video and why we think this is the way to to.

Adult Literacy and Elearning
You may be surprised at how low the national reading age is. Given that, what are the implications for elearning?

5 great reasons to use captions with your videos
Captions are really great. They’re easy to add and make videos so much more accessible.

How elearning can be one tool in the fight against cybercrime
Elearning offers many advantages, and with the rise of cybercrime, how can elearning play its role.

How much waste is there in elearning?
Elearning can be expensive to produce. When the same basic courses are replicated, how much waste through duplication does this produce?

Learning materials or Information
Are we passing out information or providing elearning? Does it matter?

What to look for in training videos
There’s lots of hype about what makes a good video for training. This is what we think.


If you have any questions about using training videos with your workforce, we’d love to hear them. They don’t have to be about our explainer videos!


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