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You can watch the complete video on YouTube and in High Definition, but there will be watermarks. […]

  • two DIY workers

Making Compliance Training Relevant

Very often it seems that the tone of compliance training is about what the company needs from you. Whereas, perhaps it would be more effective to say ‘This is a life skill that will help you, wherever you are, whatever you do and whoever you’re with’.

There’s a lot of compliance training around, and […]

  • knowledge skills attitude awareness

Learning Objectives – the next big thing?

People always seem to be looking for the next big thing which is going to turn learning around and make everyone fall in love with it. That isn’t going to happen. But it is possible to get a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve by thinking in terms of knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness, […]

  • creating captions

5 Great Reasons to Use Captions on Your Videos – updated

A while back we wrote a short blog about why it’s important to add captions to videos. Here are the five reasons we gave then with more detail.

It’s the right thing to do – it includes rather than excludes people

Sometimes called the moral argument – we should make anything that’s published as accessible as possible. About […]

  • training video

What to look for in training videos

Videos are a popular medium for training, but not videos are equal.  Here’s our quick overview of what we consider important when thinking of using videos in your training offering.


People often say that training videos should be three minutes or less. However, much of the information on video length and engagement is based on marketing […]

  • little and often learning definition

Little and often learning

One of the things we like about videos is that you can use them in all sorts of different ways. You can embed them in elearning, show them as part of face-to-face training or just put them on an intranet or LMS.

Another thing you can do is send a link in an email. The email could […]

  • phishing email quote

Elearning: One tool in the fight against cybercrime

Everyone knows what phishing emails are and how to spot them, right?

I’m sure everyone’s seen the really obvious ones, the ones that are laughably bad, the ones that are perhaps designed to identify naive or particularly vulnerable people.

But what about the sophisticated ones that use real people’s names, real logos and perhaps even have some […]

  • spotting phishing emails

Spotting Phishing Emails

The other day I was listening to the lunchtime news on the radio. Within the headlines were money laundering (football related), data protection (supermarket), and information security including hacking into websites (phone company).

It was only a few years ago that hackers used phishing emails to penetrate Sony Picture Entertainment and cause massive disruption […]

  • quote about fraud and cyber crime

3.8 million fraud offences … suggesting fraud is the most common type of crime

Every day we hear statistics about how cybercrime is increasing and how it’s a massive threat, however, our attitude towards this threat is often quite cavalier.

Making systems safer is of course important, but many cybercrimes often come about because people don’t follow simple rules. In many ways, we’re just not used to this sort of […]

  • compliance tick boxes

One reason why compliance training can be (is) boring

Often people will say elearning, especially compliance training is boring. You probably know that for many it’s seen as a tick in the box exercise. Do the elearning, score 70% or better in the ‘test’ and the job’s done.

It’s no wonder elearning has a pretty low appeal amongst many of those who actually do it.

Here’s […]