Videos and Online Learning


We’ve been busy over the summer making our products more affordable to different groups of users by increasing the number of ways you can now access our videos.

One of these is what we call Trainer/Presenter.

We noticed that some of our customers use our videos in presentations, either within an organisation or as freelance trainers. […]

Go Ahead – Embed

For us, embedding video is the way to go. Uploading a video into your elearning and running it from a normal server just isn’t the best option anymore.

I know it’s a popular way of doing things, but for us it’s the difference between an old Nokia phone and a smartphone. Yes, the Nokia had a […]

Explainer videos – what do I need to know?

Videos for training have become very popular. They’re liked by the people who watch them, they’re effective and needn’t be expensive. But if you’re considering using training videos for employees, what should you be looking out for?

In this blog we’ll look at what are sometimes called explainer videos. These are a far cry from […]

User Engagement (an old story)

I love this story about Mrs Goldburg. I first came across it in 1989 when I attended a workshop given by Richard Andersen at S.I.T. in Brattleboro, Vermont.

For me, it says so much about user engagement, and so much about what is misunderstood about engagement. The technique he describes won’t apply to every situation, but […]

Adaptive Streaming – It’s the way YouTube works

We made a video explaining how adaptive streaming works which you can watch here, or read about it below.

People often worry about using video as part of their elearning as they are mindful that video files can be very big, consume bandwidth and sometimes deliver jerky results. All of this can be […]

Good things can be used for bad purposes

Why is it that when there’s something that’s relatively new, and the motivation behind it is to make things better, it’s often turned around and used in a pernicious way?

We all have unconscious biases. Ideas that we have formed from the world around us, stored in our unconscious mind, where they are put into […]

Working from home… without falling out of windows


This blog was written at the beginning of lockdown when people had just started working from home. Since then, there has been and increase in phishing emails (Spotting Phishing Emails video) and ransomware attacks (ransomware video) many of which have been COVID-19 related.

There is also a move […]

Making Compliance Training Relevant

Very often it seems that the tone of compliance training is about what the company needs from its employees.  Perhaps it would be more effective to say :

‘This is a life skill that will help you, wherever you are, whatever you do and whoever you’re with’.

Compliance training isn’t generally well liked. It’s often quite […]

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