I’ll do the math(s) A look at elearning costs

When people think about using video for training, they often say that it’s too expensive.

Maybe it used to be, but I don’t think it need be anymore.

Because there’s something else that needs to be put into the equation, and that’s the time users spend taking part in a course or watching a video.

Here’s an example.

Let’s […]

I’ll do the math(s) A look at elearning costs2021-05-05T08:48:05+00:00

How to use Music with Training Videos

Music and training videos can work well together, but they can also work against each other.

This blog will look at our latest videos and why we built them the way we did so as to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Here are the four videos. These are the YouTube versions. You can see low […]

How to use Music with Training Videos2021-04-12T07:53:12+00:00

New Data Protection Course

What if we did things differently? Well we did.

Let’s start at the beginning. A lot of people handle personal information and it’s important that they do so correctly. Not just because there are regulations that say you must, but because this information is personal and often sensitive, and can be used by others to […]

New Data Protection Course2021-01-27T10:06:21+00:00

Learning Styles – Boom and we’re live… a podcast with Raf Dolanowski

Last month Raf Dolanowski (Raf Dolanowski Consulting) and I finally got together to record a podcast about Learning Styles. We’d had several exchanges on LinkedIn threads and decided to talk it out.

Raf was in Melbourne and I was in Christchurch in the UK.

The podcast is available on Anchor here […]

Learning Styles – Boom and we’re live… a podcast with Raf Dolanowski2020-11-09T09:53:49+00:00

Constructive feedback and criticism

Do you want some constructive feedback?

Er, … no thanks.

Why not?

Well it’s not feedback, and I’m not sure what you mean by constructive.

People often talk in terms of feedback when it isn’t really feedback. It’s just criticism. So do you want some constructive criticism is still no thanks.

The idea is that if you put constructive […]

Constructive feedback and criticism2020-09-22T10:44:56+00:00


We’ve been busy over the summer making our products more affordable to different groups of users by increasing the number of ways you can now access our videos.

One of these is what we call Trainer/Presenter.

We noticed that some of our customers use our videos in presentations, either within an organisation or as freelance trainers. […]


Go Ahead – Embed

For us, embedding video is the way to go. Uploading a video into your elearning and running it from a normal server just isn’t the best option anymore.

I know it’s a popular way of doing things, but for us it’s the difference between an old Nokia phone and a smartphone. Yes, the Nokia had a […]

Go Ahead – Embed2020-08-24T10:17:18+00:00

Explainer videos – what do I need to know?

Videos for training have become very popular. They’re liked by the people who watch them, they’re effective and needn’t be expensive. But if you’re considering using training videos for employees, what should you be looking out for?

In this blog we’ll look at what are sometimes called explainer videos. These are a far cry from […]

Explainer videos – what do I need to know?2020-08-25T13:59:22+00:00

User Engagement (an old story)

I love this story about Mrs Goldburg. I first came across it in 1989 when I attended a workshop given by Richard Andersen at S.I.T. in Brattleboro, Vermont.

For me, it says so much about user engagement, and so much about what is misunderstood about engagement. The technique he describes won’t apply to every situation, but […]

User Engagement (an old story)2020-07-06T10:10:09+00:00
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