You can subscribe to our explainer videos in three different ways. If you would like to discuss which option suits your needs best, please get in touch.

Videos are available as either All Videos or as groups of videos. You can see the groups of videos here.

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Embed codes – annual subscription

Access to our embed codes which allow you to embed videos on, for example, web pages, intranets and within elearning.

When you see a YouTube video on a web page, it’s been embedded.

All you need to do is provide the domain name where you want to host the videos, and we’ll give you access to the embed codes.

Using embedded videos is, in our opinion, the best way to distribute videos as it takes advantage of adaptive streaming technologies and closed captioningFind out more from these videos.


Deploy your videos efficiently.

Find out why we need your domain name.

Embedded videos already have closed captions.

How to use embed codes.


Number of employees < 50 < 250 <3000
All (current and future) £199 £324 £449
Compliance and Mandatory £149 £249 £339
Personal Development £149 £249 £339
Information Security £149 £249 £339
Financial Services £149 £249 £339
Effective Meetings £99 £159 £219

Over 3,000 employees, add 10% extra per thousand employees.

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Groups and Teams – annual subscription

Team leader/administrator sends out a link to give access to the videos.

You can see a demonstration of how the videos will appear here.

How it works

Once the team leader/administrator logs in, they have access to a link which they can then send out. The recipients gain access to the videos by logging in with their email address.



Number of seats 50 100 200
All (current and future) £99 £199 £399
Information Security £74 £149 £299
Compliance and Mandatory £74 £149 £299
Personal Development £74 £149 £299
Financial Services £74 £149 £299
Effective Meetings £49 £159 £199

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Trainer/Presenter – annual subscription

Designed for trainers and presenters who want to use our training videos as part of their face-to-face sessions.



All Videos (current and future) £69

Video Groups

You can either subscribe to all the videos (including any future ones) or groups of videos as listed below. You can watch all these videos on our Showreel page.

Creating Strong Memorable Passwords
Data Breaches and Ransom Demands
Data Protection and GDPR
How a Spear Phishing Attack Works
How Phishing Emails Get Through
Information Security
Information Security for Mobile Devices
Reporting Phishing Emails and Why It’s Important
Social Media and Work
Spotting Phishing Emails
The Internet of Things
Using Public Wi-fi

Diversity and Inclusion
Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Health and Safety
Modern Slavery
Reporting Bullying and Harassment
Vulnerable Customers
Whistleblowing at Work

Backbiting and Malicious Gossip
Communicating with People who have Hearing Loss
Effective Listening
Emotional Intelligence
Managing Time
Rocks Pebbles and Sand
Unconscious Bias
Anti-money Laundering
Bribery and Corruptions Indicators
Fraud and Social Engineering
Vulnerable Customers
Data Protection and GDPR
Modern Slavery
Time Wasted and Three Simple Fixes
Time and Money Spent
Agenda and Preparation
The Bike Shed Effect
Personalities and Team Players

Some videos appear in more than one group.