It’s sometimes difficult to know whether you’re producing a piece of elearning or whether you’re disseminating information.

Is it important? Well, it could be.

When we were making our Information Security for Mobile Devices video we started from the point that many of us had moved from mobiles to smartphones without really thinking too much about what impact this would have on the security of our information. Put in the SIM, charge it up, say ‘Yes’ to everything otherwise it won’t let you proceed, and away you go.

But then it gets a little scary when phones and tablets start syncing up with cloud storage and, as you’re carrying these devices around with you, there’s a possibility that you could lose them.

Then there’s a cold sweat moment as you realise that in some ways it’s a bit like leaving you’re front door open and going out for the day.

The video is designed to show you what you can do to be safer with your mobile devices and there’s also a PDF with