Often people will say elearning, especially compliance training is boring. You probably know that for many it’s seen as a ‘tick the box’ exercise. Do the elearning, score 70% or better in the ‘test’ and the job’s a good ‘un.

It’s no wonder elearning has a pretty low appeal among many of those who actually do it.

Here’s an example of how we think a compliance module can be treated.

Drug smugglers, people traffickers and tax evaders all handle the proceeds of crime and are therefore involved in money laundering.

Making it harder for criminals to launder money, is one way to make crime less attractive. Everyone in financial services has to be aware of what money laundering is, the controls that are in place to reduce it, and their personal responsibilities.

This video takes just over 5 minutes to go through all the basics.

Obviously there’s a lot more to fighting money laundering than can be shown in a 5 minute video, but not everyone needs to know all of it, and what a person needs to know varies according to which area they work in.

They might, for example, be in banking, insurance, be a financial adviser or work in an area such as antiques where high value assets are traded.

Once you’ve covered off the basics, you can move on to more work specific activities – for example looking at how people have tried to launder money in your specific area, what the signs are and so on.

There are usually some high profile cases going on, and the techniques that money launders use are very similar to those used by terrorists to finance their activities, so these can be used as real life examples.

It’s pretty easy to make a tick box course on any subject, but it doesn’t have to be that way.