‘People don’t buy features, they buy benefits’ is a marketing term. If you want to sell something, highlight the benefits, not the features. Perhaps the same is true in elearning.

A feature is something that your product/service has, benefits are the outcomes or results that users will (hopefully) experience by using your product or service.

Learners are interested in the benefits they will receive from investing their time in any training. However, if there aren’t any benefits, it’s unlikely that they will be invested or engaged. As we used to say, What’s In It For Me?

For example, would *gamification be a feature or a benefit?

I’d say that it’s a feature. It’s unlikely to help me do my job or understand something. It’s a delivery style.

I know as a learner I’m becoming more and more impatient. I know what I want and actively seek it. If I can get it quickly, so much the better.

Here’s an example of what I mean.