I think everyone would agree that training, wherever possible, should be relevant. However, this isn’t always as easy as it might sound.

If you are making training materials for a large group of people within an organisation, or materials are ‘off the shelf’, then it’s hard to create situations and examples which are equally relevant to all members of staff.

Sales might have very different information security needs from customer service, and finance might be different again, for example. So to cope with this, the elearning tends to become quite general so that it is ‘relevant’ to everyone, or no one depending on how you look at it.

We recognise this and make our materials relevant in two separate ways.

All our explainer videos are generic. We want them to appeal to a wide audience., and recommend that the videos are supplemented with ‘local’ examples which are specific to the users. This can be done easily with a simple Word document or PDF. Take Data Protection for example (which incidentally has captions in 17 different languages).

Everyone can watch the video to understand the basics and the principles. The travelling Sales Team, on the road, working from home and laptops, then get a PDF of examples showing things then need to be aware of or know. The Customer Support team have a different set of examples as they all work in an office and have different needs.

We believe that companies themselves are best placed to give their users relevant examples.

The other way we make our training videos relevant to the users is that we address the whole person in a three pronged approach. For example, Information Security is just as relevant to our personal lives, the lives of our friends and family – you’d want to make sure that someone you cared for was looking after their information safely – and of course, it’s important at work too. A safe password is a safe password at home and at work. Our videos point this out.

So that’s how we think elearning can be made relevant. Simple real life examples created locally, and training videos being relevant to the whole person, their kith and kin, and work situation too. You can see all our explainer videos on our showreel page.