Well, I actually think in some ways it should. Don’t get me wrong, I hate going to the dentist. Let me explain.

There are three main things I want from my dentist.

First is that they know what they are doing

Second they do it well, and

Third they make the experience as painless as possible.


I do a lot of work with compliance training and some of it just isn’t particularly interesting for the average person and most, like health and safety, needs to be clear, unambiguous and informative.

So if I was doing an elearning module on a health and safety topic, I’d want good content that was explained clearly and effectively, the right level of detail, and for the experience to be as easy and painless as possible.

Here’s an example of what I mean – our animated Health and Safety video.

Incidentally, my dentist is kind, patient, efficient and tells me to raise my hand if I feel any pain. I still don’t like going, but that all helps.