Adaptive Streaming – It’s the way YouTube works

We made a video explaining how adaptive streaming works which you can watch here, or read about it below.

People often worry about using video as part of their elearning as they are mindful that video files can be very big, consume bandwidth and sometimes deliver jerky results. All of this can be […]

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Good things can be used for bad purposes

Why is it that when there’s something that’s relatively new, and the motivation behind it is to make things better, it’s often turned around and used in a pernicious way?

We all have unconscious biases. Ideas that we have formed from the world around us, stored in our unconscious mind, where they are put into […]

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Working from home… without falling out of windows


This blog was written at the beginning of lockdown when people had just started working from home. Since then, there has been and increase in phishing emails (Spotting Phishing Emails video) and ransomware attacks (ransomware video) many of which have been COVID-19 related.

There is also a move […]

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Making Compliance Training Relevant

Very often it seems that the tone of compliance training is about what the company needs from its employees.  Perhaps it would be more effective to say :

‘This is a life skill that will help you, wherever you are, whatever you do and whoever you’re with’.

Compliance training isn’t generally well liked. It’s often quite […]

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Learning Objectives – Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Awareness

People always seem to be looking for the next big thing which is going to turn learning around and make everyone fall in love with it. That isn’t going to happen.

But it is possible to get a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve from learning materials by thinking in terms […]

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5 Great Reasons to Use Captions on Your Videos – updated

A while back we wrote a short blog about why it’s important to add captions to videos. Here are the five reasons we gave then with more detail.

It’s the right thing to do – it includes rather than excludes people

Sometimes called the moral argument – we should make anything that’s published as accessible as possible. About […]

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What to look for in training videos

Videos are a popular medium for training, but not videos are equal.  Here’s our quick overview of what we consider important when thinking of using videos in your training offering.


People often say that training videos should be three minutes or less. However, much of the information on video length and engagement is based on marketing […]

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Little and Often Learning

Much is made these days of things like micro-learning: presenting training in small chunks; and spaced learning: a series of short, intense training sessions.

But do these really help?

They seem very attractive and I’m sure that in some situations they are very effective. However, if they are applied to all learning situations equally, they’re unlikely to […]

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People buy benefits – not features

‘People don’t buy features, they buy benefits’ is a marketing term. If you want to sell something, highlight the benefits, not the features. Perhaps the same is true in elearning.

A feature is something that your product/service has, benefits are the outcomes or results that users will (hopefully) experience by using your product or service.

Learners are […]

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Elearning: One tool in the fight against cybercrime

Everyone knows what phishing emails are and how to spot them, right?

I’m sure everyone’s seen the really obvious ones, the ones that are laughably bad, the ones that are perhaps designed to identify naive or particularly vulnerable people.

But what about the sophisticated ones that use real people’s names, real logos and perhaps even have some […]

Elearning: One tool in the fight against cybercrime2020-08-25T14:02:32+00:00
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