One reason why compliance training can be (is) boring

Often people will say elearning, especially compliance training is boring. You probably know that for many it’s seen as a tick in the box exercise. Do the elearning, score 70% or better in the ‘test’ and the job’s done.

It’s no wonder elearning has a pretty low appeal amongst many of those who actually do it.

Here’s […]

Mobile Security – Home and Away

When technology’s at its best, it’s invisible. I don’t know who said it first but I think it’s true and we certainly notice it when it breaks or lets us down. We’re getting used to an always on, always connected way of life and we want the internet in our pockets when we go out […]

Tell me a story

I love this Woody Allen quote, “I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.”

I think there’s a lesson to be learnt from this about elearning. So often we hear that a module has to be short, condensed and concise. 50-80 words on the screen. People don’t like […]

How much waste is there in elearning?

Have you ever thought about how much waste there is in elearning – and in training in general? It’s massive.

Learning Pool had a really good idea. They realised that there was a lot of duplication, and therefore waste, in the public sector with each authority commissioning and/or building their […]

Relevant elearning

I think everyone would agree that training, wherever possible, should be relevant. However, this isn’t always as easy as it might sound.

If you are making training materials for a large group of people within an organisation, or materials are ‘off the shelf’, then it’s hard to create situations and examples which are equally relevant to […]

Should elearning be like going to the dentist?

Well, I actually think in some ways it should. Don’t get me wrong, I hate going to the dentist. Let me explain.

I think there are three main things I want from my dentist. First is that they know what they are doing, second they do it well, and third they make the experience as painless […]

Process is priceless

Most elearning projects I’ve worked on have a pretty fixed budget. There might be a little wriggle room, but not much. So if projects are to be delivered on time and in budget, the slicker the process is, the more time there is to spend on the quality of the product.

I’ve seen projects where the […]

Less is more

I think there is often an assumption that because a piece of information is in an elearning module that users will remember it. In fact, it’s likely that users retain very little of what’s contained in elearning modules. That’s not because the module is good or bad, but that we remember a lot less than […]

Think before you click

We often see television ad campaigns to deter people from drink driving or smoking. Some of them are really powerful and designed to shock, and sometimes scare. If we look at these as learning interventions, then for me, what they often do is to try and change people’s attitudes by making them more aware of the […]