Download or embed our promo video to make sure you’re happy that our videos work on your system.

Download the physical file

Right click the links on the right and choose ‘save link as’ or similar depending on the browser you are using.

MP4 is a popular format that is used widely these days. This is what we’d recommend you to use.

In general, the larger the dimensions of the video, the better the quality. However, if you don’t need the size, you’ll use more bandwidth unnecessarily.

MP4 format

1280 x 720 | 960 x 540 | 640 x 360

The diagram below shows the relative dimensions (sizes) of the videos – these are representative as the image will scale.

video sizes

Embedding a video

When you embed a video, the video sits on a server and you ‘open a window’ in the web page or elearning for the video to be seen through. All the videos on this site are embedded. When you see a YouTube video on a website, it’s embedded.

All you do is copy and paste the embed code into your page or elearning. If you’re using something like WordPress or Moodle make sure you are in HTML view when you paste the code or it will appear as text.

Here’s some code you can try. The size is set to 480 x 270 – you can see this in the code¬†¬†width=”480″ height=”270″.

Copy to Clipboard

Responsive embed code
(Responsive means it will resize depending on the screen size e.g. when viewed on a smartphone)

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