Microwave ovens are great!

Well, they’re great for some things, heating food up, defrosting, porridge, scrambled eggs and so on. But they’re not so good when it comes to Sunday roasts or baking bread. Some ovens use a combination of heating systems to make them more suitable for different types of cooking.

Some people love them, others won’t have them in the house, most of us use them but also have conventional ovens as well.

radio active microwave

Elearning’s a bit like that.

Great for some things, not so good for others and sometimes you need a combination. It’s all about using technology appropriately. And that’s what we like to think we do at What You Need To Know.

Our explainer videos are pretty versatile and focus on what all the learners need to know.

That might be a big claim, but that’s the aim we have in mind when we create them – that’s what we’re trying to achieve. So many websites and so much elearning is full of content that the ‘owner’ thinks the user wants to know, and most people who have done an elearning course realise that there are differing needs and wants, BUT there is a core part of most training which everyone needs to know.

The videos can be used as standalone pieces, or in conjunction with a document, perhaps to add specific information or examples.

Use them as an overview before face-to-face training or as a refresher.

Someone posted once that they are great ‘conversation starters’. Get everyone on the same page, then you can discuss how the topic fits in with the work you do.

We see our explainer videos as resources – not courses.

When microwaves first came out people thought they were going to replace conventional ovens, they didn’t. Interestingly some people thought when video started coming out as VHS videos, they would replace teachers, they didn’t. But I don’t know anyone who’s saying that video isn’t going to be a growing part of elearning and, hopefully, most people will start including animated video sections in their offerings.

Of course, some still won’t go anywhere near them.